Rabbi Shlomo Channen


Shlomo Channen was born in Jerusalem, the second of nine children, to American Ba'alei T’shuva. He grew up in Gush Etzion on a small settlement made up of Olim Chadashim. When he was fourteen, he was sent to live in a Yeshiva dormitory in the city, where he endured great cultural shock. This gave him a sensitivity to those who feel different or uncomfortable with their surroundings and peers.


Shlomo began informally counseling teenage boys who had been kicked out of their homes or schools for not fitting into the accepted religious mold.


Witnessing Shlomo's rapport with these boys, Rabbi Nachum Reguznitski, a Talmud of the Chazan Ish, advised him to open up a place for these young men to learn and grow.


With the help and blessing of Rabbi Mordecai Goldstein zt"l, Dean of Diaspora Yeshiva, Shlomo opened Hashivenu in 2005 at the bottom of Mt. Zion, Jerusalem. He was twenty-four.


Shlomo Channen's theory of education is that "Every kid will do well if he can."  He quotes Albert Einstein who said, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid".  Therefore Shlomo believes in finding an individual path for each student that is built on the student's own personality.


Hashivenu has more than a 90% success rate in bringing young adults back into society, with the intent of living fulfilling, spiritual and meaningful lives.

Rabbi Shlomo Channen, "Dean"

Rabbi Asher Channen

Mashgiach Ruchani & Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Asher Channen has worked in the field of Jewish education and kiruv for many years. He had the z’chut to learn in Yeshivat Knesset Gedolah by Harav Hillel Zaks Z”TL. There he developed a close, personal relationship with the Rav.

After marriage, he continued learning in Kollel for several years. Having a natural talent for teaching and a good understanding of youth he later joined a Kollel in the Retorno Rehabilitation Center where he helped the patients through their spiritual recovery and aided them in developing a positive attitude towards Yiddishkeit and Torah learning.


After spending some time in Retorno, Rav Asher wanted to further his teaching and reach more young people so he joined Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim. There he taught Gemara, Hashkafah, and Halachah to modern orthodox boys and developed close relationships with them.
Many of his students continued to further their Torah learning and went on to build Torah homes. To this day,  Rav Asher maintains close relationships with many of his students.

Currently, Rav Asher acts as the Mashgiach Ruchani and Maggid Shiur in the Yeshiva. Additionally, he gives a nightly Shiur in Gemara to Ba'alei Batim.

Rabbi Asher Channen

Rav Avraham Citren

Maggid Shiur

Rav Citren is a Rabbi in the Old City of Jerusalem who’s known to be a professional teacher in the Torah of the רמח״ל and the תנ״ך.

Rav Citren

Rabbi Dan Channen

"Smicha Course: Keeping a Kosher Kitchen"

Rav Don Channen received Smicha from R’ Azran, a member of the Beit Din of the Adus Charadus. In addition, he received Smicha from the Chief Rabbis of Israel: R’ Lau and R’ Bakshi Doron; Chief Rabbi of Be’er Sheva, Rabbi Deri, the Chief Rabbi and Av Beit Din of Jerusalem R’ Messas and HaGaon Harav R’ Ovadia Yosef.

For the past 30 years, he has served as a Moreh Horah for kashrut in his home communities. He has given shiurim to hundreds of students in Yora Daya both individually and as part of a wider range of Semicha programs. Many of his talmidim have chosen to pursue careers in rabbuus, Chinuch, chaplaincy, and kashrut supervisors. In addition, he has built learning chaburas in the United States, England, South Africa, Australia, and Israel.

For many years R’ Channen was a prolific writer and illustrator authoring books such as “Tallis Ends and Other Tales” which brings to life 10 difficult Sugia’s in Baba Kama, Baba Metzia and Baba Basra and was given an excellent review by the late Dr. Joseph Kamnensky zt’l the former Director of Torah U’ Mesorah. R’ Channen’s latest works are the Igeress HaRamban and Birkat Hamazon (both Pirchei Shoshanim publications) which have received worldwide attention and interest. Birkat Hamazon has been translated into Russian, French and soon Spanish.

R’ Channen has just recently published a book based on his teachings at Yeshivas Chonen Daas called “Keeping Kosher in the Kitchen”.

R’ Channen has developed a unique style of teaching which enables any student to understand very difficult concepts in a manner that stretches one’s abilities to perceive and absorb much more than before. The Rav has gained an international reputation as a thorough and dynamic teacher whose classes are interactive, intense and enjoyable. Yeshiva Hasheveinu is proud to present a new Semicha course designed by the Rav which will hold the attention and develop the skills of students of all levels.

R’ Channen currently lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife, children, and grandchildren.


Rav Moshe Abo

"Maggid Shiur"

Rav Moshe Abo is an alumnus of Hasheveinu.


Having been a former student, Rav Abo has a deep understanding of the challenges that young boys who have left mainstream orthodoxy face.


Rav Moshe gives a dynamic, interactive Gemorah shiur with the goal of awakening joy in learning.


Rabbi Yaeir Weiss 

"Maggid Shiur"

Rav Yaeir a בעל תשובה that has an excellent approach to young adults and teaching the task of a Jewish person in this world.


Rav Moshe Silver 


Rabbi Moshe Silver received his ordination in 2006 from Rav Dan Channen, father of Rav Shlomo, founder and Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Hasheveinu.


Rav Moshe has taught extensively in the US. For many years he held a popular weekly class for teens in Highland Park, NJ. He also has taught adults preparing for ordination, and taught a variety of Torah classes at synagogues in Highland Park and Princeton NJ, and in New York City. His weekly Torah notes enjoy an ever-widening audience.


Rav Moshe and his wife are long-time supporters of Hashiveinu. Since making Aliyah in 2018, Rav Moshe has become an integral part of the Yeshiva, giving weekly classes and acting as a mentor to the young men of Hasheveinu.